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Jsme vysoce kvalifikovaní a zkušení specialisté s celorepublikovou působností na komplexní řešení problémů s Vašimi přístupy do objektů a s bariérami v objektech, a to pomocí našich špičkových produktů a služeb.

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Dear friends,

I welcome you in our web-pages of company HORIZONT-NARE s.r.o..

About us:

Our company is producer, seller and also developer (assembler). We produce our own lifts: TAURUS, CRAB, SHARK, CHAMELEON and the stair-climber with toothed-belts: CLIMBER 1 or CLIMBER Autonomic. We are the sellers some forein stairlifts too, such as stairlifts LOGIC, FLOW and ACORN.

What do we offer?:

We offer everyone who needs our help to supply a complete product to them. We mounted or delivered our products in other countries nearby the Czech Republic, e.g. Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, etc.

For sellers:

We also offer that you can order (buy) our products Ex-works. You could gain more profit and mount (or sell) that product themselves. We would make training in our company before installing in order to do it well. If you are interested in our offer, you call us or send e-mail, and then we can calculate the cost of that product. We offer you our advice about our lifts, if you wish.

If you want to cooperate

with our company and sell our products in your country, get in touch with us and we will discuss your prices.

I apologise,

that we do not offer more information in our web-site in the english language, but if you want to know something, what you did not understand on our czech pages, we will answer all your questions in the english language by phone or e-mail. Ing. Dusan Polasek - the chief executive e-mail: webmaster@horizont-nare.com, phone number: +420604271632