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  •  CLIMBER 1 Mk4 STRONG is designed for citizens, who are transported on a mechanical cart , namely for overcoming some architectonical roadblocks – staircases .
  • This type is designed with the new casing which covers the tooth-belts as well.
  • It features high quality and utility value and at the same time preservation of maximum ease and simplicity in attendance .
  • Czech designers have given big emphasis to the development on safeness while using . It's assured by the solid and robust construction with preservation of minimum outer proportions .
  • There is the possibility of riding only with stair-climber's lower part (with belts) by using controller No. 12 in case of trouble or danger.


  • Main benefits :
    • made from parts of Czech and European renowned producers
    • robust and reliable construction
    • only functions with safe tension 12V
    • possibility of adjustments to CLIMBER 1 in according to consumer needs  - e.g . in gripping mechanical cart, colour, and the like
    • possibility of the transportation in a vehicle

  • Technical data :
    • safe operating voltage 12V
    • capacity of the storage battery bis 30 ampere - hour
    • controlled charger with the charging stream 2.5A/12V
    • condition of the battery is indicated with LED diodes
    • maximal climbing angle  - 70%
    • minimal uninterrupted operation time with the full battery is 30 minutes at 85 kg loading
    maximal weight of the transported person is 150 kg
    • possible interruption of the ride in case of emergency with the push button STOP 
    • protected from contemporary press of both buttons for ride
    • possibility of the without - belt movement on straight flat
    • outside dimensions 960x310x175 mm

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